A Time For Singing

Length: 19'
Price: £2.00

Hear a sample:

Mansfield Chapel, Mansfield College, Oxford, at 3pm, 30th Oct 2011
Kopparberg, Sweden, 16th Aug 2012
Gagnef, Sweden, 19th Aug 2012
Cheltenham, 12th Aug 2012

rhythmic, polyphonic, lyrical, joy, fast

Publisher: Unpublished

Genre: Works for 2-6 players

'A Time for Singing' is a work in four movements for clarinet (db bass clarinet), cello and piano.

It lasts about 19 minutes. My sister the clarinettist Alison Hughes is a member of the Camilleri Trio who gave the first performance. The work was conceived in memory of our aunt, Gillian Nicholls.

The four movements are:

1. Walk with rainstorm

2. Song

3. Scherzo

4. Until the day break

It's a kind of narrative - about changes in life imagined like a walk through a changing landscape. A very English one, in other words one in which it rains! But sometimes the sun comes out which is very nice.

Our aunt, Gillie Nicholls, loved walking and loved life. She died from cancer in 2010. Her sister (and our mother) Jenny wanted a piece that would remember her and her wonderful enthusiasm and sense of humour, as well as forming a kind of more traditional lament. So there are elements of each in this piece.

Gillie was also a profoundly religious and spiritual person. When she and John Muddiman married in 2010 they asked me to write a short song for the wedding, 'Rise Up, My Love', using words from 'Song of Solomon'.

The new work for the Camilleri Trio, commissioned by Jennifer Hughes in memory of her sister Gillian Nicholls, also refers in the main title, and in the last movement title, to lines from 'Song of Solomon':

'the time of the singing of birds is come' Song of Solomon 2:12

'Until the day break, and the shadows flee away' Song of Solomon 2:17

It was written for the Camilleri Trio. Alison Hughes (clarinet/bassclarinet), Anja Inge (cello), Joanne Camilleri (piano). It was first performed by them at Mansfield Chapel, Mansfield College, Oxford, on 30th Oct 2011.

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