The Feast That Went Off With A Bang

Length: 10'

The Apex, Bury St Edmunds, 28th Mar 2017
The Drill House, Great Yarmouth, 30th Mar 2017
Town Hall, Launceston, 29th Mar 2017
The Civic Hall, Whitehaven, 24th Mar 2017
The Playhouse, Whitley Bay, 4th Apr 2017

rhythmic, lyrical, fast

Publisher: UYMP

Genre: Opera and Music Theatre

The Feast That Went Off With A Bang

Music: Ed Hughes

Libretto: Peter Cant

Commissioned by Mahogany Opera Group as part of 'Snappy Operas'

Based on the Grimm Brothers' tale 'The Mouse, the Bird and the Sausage'

Scored for three groups of children's voices - the Birds, the Sausages, the Mice

No solo roles or professional singers.

A confident pianist is needed to provide accompaniment. This can be optionally expanded to a small ensemble comprising: clarinet in B flat, horn in F and piano.